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At Tarzana Dental Care we realize that the traditional dental office no longer meets the needs of many patients. Our dental center is a place where you can go to one office and have all of your dental needs met in one place. We are a quick 5 to 10-minute drive from Canoga Park, CA.

About Tarzana Dental Care

At Tarzana Dental Care we believe in providing the very best dentistry to all of our patients. Whether you need a routine checkup, fillings, a crown, have a dental emergency or more, we have the experience and knowledge to help you with all your dental needs.

Our office is where skill and compassion go hand in hand when providing exceptional care for our Canoga Park residents. As dental professionals, we stay up to date on the latest advancements in dentistry in order to provide the most current treatment options for our patients. We recognize that our patients are unique individuals who have placed a great deal of trust in us and our team. At Tarzana Dental Care our entire staff is friendly and very approachable, no matter what your questions or concerns are we are here to help. Working together, we'll create a treatment plan that is suitable for you. With the extensive experience and skill of our team we have been providing Canoga Park families first class service for over 20 years.

About Our Team

Every team member at Tarzana Dental Care plays a significant role in our patient’s treatment. Our team has advanced education and training to ensure we can give quality care to our patients and reduce your time in the dental chair.

Dr. Zar is a graduate of the New York University College of Dentistry and has been a dentist for over 20 years. His honesty, clinical excellence, and warm, easy personality have won him the love and respect of both his staff and patients. One thing that sets him apart from other dentists is the extra care he takes to keep his procedures as pain free and comfortable as possible. He has patients that travel throughout Southern California because they don’t trust their dental care to anyone else.

Our Offered Services

We are always welcoming new patients and we would love to have you, your family and friends as part of the Tarzana Dental Care family. Your smile is one of the first things people notice. If you want a beautiful healthy smile and exceptional dental care, schedule a consultation today 818-702-3232.

Canoga Park Emergency Dental Services

Don't ignore dental pain. It's your body's signal that something is wrong. And just because the pain goes away doesn't mean that the problem is gone. With an infected tooth there is pain at first. But then the pulp tissue dies and the pain may go away completely. Unfortunately, the infection is still there and will continue to spread and later cause a painful abscess. The longer you wait, the more complicated and expensive it gets to treat the problem.

Often people end up with a dental emergency because they have put off their dental care for so long. We understand that emergencies come because life is hectic, sometimes because of finances, and sometimes because of dental fear. Whatever your reason for putting off your dental care, we want you to know that Dr. Zar will never make you feel guilty or embarrassed. He does not judge his patients and is just glad they are now getting the care they need.

Canoga Park Restorative Dentistry

Over time, teeth and dental work are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Restorative dentistry can repair decayed, weakened, broken, or missing teeth, thereby relieving pain and returning comfortable function to your smile. Teeth can lose their luster with stains or discoloration. They may suffer a chip, crack, or cavity from normal wear and tear. Gums often recede as people age. These oral health problems won't resolve themselves; they’ll only worsen over time.

At Tarzana Dental Care, we'll revive your beautiful, strong, healthy, and comfortable smile with contemporary restorative dentistry. After a complete assessment of your oral health, we will work with you to develop the best restorative plan. We have advanced cosmetic training and will make sure that you receive the best restorative dentistry in Canoga Park and the surrounding areas. Your dental work will be built on a healthy, dependable foundation for lasting comfort and beauty.


Do you have missing teeth and are tired of having gaps in your smile? Having missing teeth and leaving it untreated can be embarrassing and can make talking and chewing more difficult. Leaving gaps where teeth are missing can lead to damage in your facial structure, so it is important to treat missing teeth with dentures, implants, or even bridges to prevent further damage from occurring.

Dentures are a great restorative option for people who need to replace teeth at a lower cost (compared to implants or bridges). They can either be removable or fixed. Permanent or fixed dentures are usually fitted to dental implants if you have enough healthy bone structure to support the implants. Removable, or partial, dentures are worn during the day, but are removed at night.

Dr. Zar’s dental center has an on-site dental lab that fabricates new dentures and provides repairs and relines, often with same-day service. Being able to provide dentures in a day is a significant advantage, especially for patients who have traveled far distances. The on-site lab also decreases the need to use outside commercial labs, which helps keep our fees competitive. Our highly skilled lab technicians have crafted thousands of dentures.

Crowns and Bridges

If your tooth is decayed or seems weakened or cracked, a crown may be necessary to maintain the health of the tooth so it doesn’t worsen. Crowns can be made from a variety of different materials including porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or gold. To maintain a natural look and feel, a porcelain-finished crown is more desirable, as it can be matched to the shade of your other teeth, which will allow it to blend in perfectly with your smile.

A bridge is a fixed non-removable prosthetic intended to replace missing teeth.  It’s secured to the teeth on either side of the missing tooth. This is typically done using crowns on those teeth, but metal clasps can also be used to secure the tooth.

Fillings and Root Canals

The mouth contains different types of bacteria; most of them are harmless, but a few are able to cause cavities. When these bacteria are exposed to food sources like sugar, they feed off the food in the mouth creating an acid environment that destroys the tooth structure.

When a cavity is only in the outer layers of the tooth, then a filling can fix the problem. To place a filling, Dr. Zar drills away the effected tooth tissue, which removes the bacteria that caused the cavity. Then he places a material to fill in the hole left by the drilling. A new material called composite resin has been developed that looks almost exactly like natural tooth tissue. It comes in a variety of shades, so it can be perfectly color-matched to your tooth.

When a cavity goes untreated, it may spread into the deeper layers of the tooth (known as the pulp). When this happens, a regular filling won’t be enough to treat the problem. Our endodontist, Dr. Smolkin will need to perform a root canal on the effected tooth, to stop the spread of the infection and also to save the tooth. A root canal, then simply cleans out the infected material inside of the tooth, and fills the space with a specialized material to protect it. The hollow space in your tooth is then filled in to seal the canals, then your tooth is restored with a crown to match your original shape and color.

As a dentist in Canoga Park, Dr. Zar believes in using only the safest and most effective treatments for his patients.

Canoga Park Cosmetic Dentistry

Everything we do is done with cosmetics as a priority.

Cosmetic dentistry is a technique of professional oral care that focuses on improving the appearance of your mouth, teeth and smile. And although cosmetic dentistry procedures are usually elective, rather than necessary, some cases of treatment also provide restorative benefits.

Our unique Smile Makeover refers to the customized combination of services to achieve a patient’s smile goals. Tarzana Dental Care’s Cosmetic Dentistry has streamlined this process. The smile makeover technique is a highly methodical process that requires great skill and experience to achieve a natural result. It is not a method focused on in dental school, so dentists must learn the techniques in post-graduate courses and then perfect the art through extensive experience.  

Dr. Zar’s advanced training in Prosthodontics gives him the artistic ability and extensive knowledge to create and perform a Smile Makeover. The involved techniques require precise measurements based upon mouth shape, gum lines, lips, and natural shape of the teeth. This is why we devote time to precisely planning before we begin the actual treatment.  With each patient, we can create a unique plan to fit their age, facial features and characteristics. Most patients don’t realize how much we can reshape their teeth, smile and entire appearance.

Below are some of the most common procedures used in cosmetic dentistry.

Inlays and Onlays

These are also known as indirect fillings, which are made by a dental laboratory, and they are used when a tooth has mild to moderate decay or there is not enough tooth structure to support a filling. Provided there is no damage to the tooth, the inlay is placed directly onto the tooth surface. When the greater portion of the tooth is damaged, an onlay is used instead to cover the tooth's entire surface.

Inlays and onlays are made from porcelain or metal and bonded to the teeth with adhesive dental cement. They provide support to strengthen teeth, restore their shape and help avoid any further decay or deterioration.

Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers are thin layers of porcelain made individually for each tooth and bonded to the outer surface. They look exceptionally realistic and can resolve numerous cosmetic problems, ranging from crooked and discolored teeth, to cracked or damaged enamel to noticeable gaps between two teeth.

Teeth Whitening

One of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures is teeth whitening or teeth bleaching. Whitening should be performed after plaque, tartar and other debris are cleaned from the surface of each tooth, and all other dental issues have been resolved. This can be performed quickly usually within one hour at Tarzana Dental Care.


Dental implants are used to replace teeth after tooth loss. Our specialist inserts a small titanium screw into the jaw at the site of the missing tooth, which serves as the support for a crown. These implants are almost indistinguishable from the surrounding natural teeth, and once the bone and supporting tissue fuse to the implant, they are permanently secured into place.

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